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Monthly Newsletter

September Newsletter

Friendship –is our theme for September.  We are very fortunate that the children have made wonderful friendships in daycare; many that have continued outside of my home!  We will make friendship bracelets to give away.  We will read “Stone Soup” and make a fabulous meal together as a group.

Our other readings will include “Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship” by Edward Hemingway, “Be Kind” by Pat Miller and Jen Hill, and “Let’s Change That!” by Bashar Salame.

Important Dates:
Monday, 09/03/18 – Labor Day Holiday (closed)
Thursday, 09/13/18 – Happy 5th Birthday Ryley
Some of August's activities:


August Newsletter


Amazing Me! – is the theme for August.  We will learn about our amazing bodies and the qualities that make each of us unique and special.  The children will create a personal book to bring home and share.

We are nearing our goal of “100 Books of Summer!”  We will celebrate this huge accomplishment with an end-of-summer party and much-earned prizes!

Important Dates:

Sunday, 08/05/18 – Happy 4th Birthday, Niki!
Sunday, 08/26/18 – Happy 2nd Birthday, Madelyn!
Some of August's activities:


July Newsletter

Summer Fun!  is the theme for July.  With the temperature heating up, we will find creative, fun ways to enjoy our summer.  As a group, the children will make homemade ice cream.  I am also planning a backyard picnic and some sun inspired art projects.

Our readings will include “Summer Days and Nights” by Wong Herbert Yee, “Flip Flop” by Dana Rau and “Mouse’s First Summer” by Lauren Thompson.  We will add these titles (and many more) to our ever-growing 100 Books of Summer reading list!

Important Dates:

Tuesday, 07/03/18 – Happy 4th Birthday Logan!
Wednesday, 07/04/18 – Happy Independence Day! (closed)
Tuesday, 07/17/18 – Happy 6th  Birthday Ella!
Some of July's activities:

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